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Sunflowers: adoration; dedicated love.
Misha + ties for Casstark


#I love how Dean is the only one who actually affects Cas when he compliments his appearance #Like half the fucking universe looks at Cas and wants a piece and he’s just like ‘Uh thanks whatever moving on’ #But he’s always somehow fazed when Dean says it uwu (x)


Cockles AU → Misha is an Olympic marathon runner in need of a new trainer. Enter Jensen Ackles, personal trainer to the stars. Misha is immediately taken with Jensen’s intensity and devotion, and Jensen finds Misha inspiring and adorable. They still train together, but when Misha goes to Rio in 2016 Jensen isn’t his trainer anymore, he’s the husband of a gold-medalist. [my second contribution to cockles week] {cockles au seriessuggestions welcome

Made to accompany this. Dedicated to blackwingsbrownleather for demanding more cockles au. (cockles manips by the lovely heavenandhellcastiel)


Cockles AU - The biggest storm of the season hits Vancouver airport right around the holiday season, delaying every flight in the airport. Jensen prepares himself for a miserable stay in the shutdown airport till he meets another grounded passenger in an airport cafe who changes his mind.

The man, Misha, is smart, witty, and way too gorgeous for someone who says he hasn’t slept in 24 hours. Jensen finds Misha’s carefree personality infectious and soon he’s coming out of his shell and making the most of their delayed holidays. As the evening progresses, their conversation turns more and more flirtatious.

Coffee at the cafe turn into drinks at the bar and from there they end up in the back of a dark airport lounge. At the back of the room, no one can see where their bodies are pressed up tight against each other or hear them whispering dirty things into each other’s ears.

When the tension becomes too much, they end up in a deserted bathroom stall in the emptiest wing of the airport, both high on the thrill of getting caught in public. Though both their heads are swimming with the buzz of alcohol, Jensen could never forget the tight heat of being inside Misha or any of the desperate moans the older man can’t keep hidden.

They make their way back to the lounge and wake up the next day wrapped around each other in the small loveseat where they’d left their bags. When the airport hands out hotel vouchers, Misha asks in an uncharacteristically quiet voice if Jensen would want to share a room. Jensen’s smile is all the answer he needs.

Later that night when they’re lying in each other’s arms, they agree that this snowstorm is the best thing that ever happened to them.




This looks like a certain angel and hunter.